About Mobile Money Scams

So I’m in a tro tro going back to campus after work…thinking about myself….then I get a call on an MTN line. It’s a twi speaking guy claiming that he works with MTN and that apparently I won a promotion….ha…I don’t usually enter promotions but hey, stranger things have happened.

Well, I couldn’t really hear him so I asked him to call back since I was in a vehicle. That was when he got his opening, I am sure. He said they would send me a message. By then, I am certain it is a scam. And I was right!

The message that popped up was a request for me to approve a payment of GHS 550.00. Now, why anyone would think I would approve that mystifies me. I may be wrong but why would I part with GHS 550.00 for a supposed unknown price from a competition I don’t remember entering? Maybe I watched too many episodes of Hustle but seriously…why?
It was at this point that I start laughing at the scammers…for tracking my transactions without realising that the money is not mine. In fact, the money in the account is meant for a get together. And there was no way I was going to mess with that.
Well, thank God for small mercies. At least I got a blog entry! Yay!
And a free lesson…always crosscheck. And an analogy. Just as my mobile money is such a good conduit that it attracted scammers, you and I are called to be disciples of Christ proclaiming him so well that we bring people to Him.
How are we doing in that great commission?
May God help us all.

Angela Azumah Alu

Written by Angela Azumah Alu

Angela Azumah Alu is a PhD student in Ghana. She is a a lector and a youth executive of Good Shepherd Parish Youth, Tema. She loves working with young people and is a Sunday School teacher.
She was a participant at the World Youth Day in Poland and loves to share her experiences from there. Her patron Saints include the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph Moscati, Archangel Raphael, St. Faustina and St. Conrad of Piacenza. She has an interest in learning more about the Word of God. She loves to talk, read and write.

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