Greetings in the Triumphant Heart of Mary

1. Everything that a mother has, naturally belongs to her children. Everything she is given, passes on to her children. All the graces that were bestowed upon Mary were given to her in order that they may be given to us. Today therefore, is actually a feast and celebration for us. We celebrate ourselves this day, for there is no distinction to be made between a mother and her children.

2. On this solemnity of the Glorious Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, let us remember that Mary was not taken up body and soul into Heaven in order to be separated from us her children, but actually because it would be more profitable for us that she is there, than that she remains with us on earth. If she was solicitous for the welfare of the Disciples while she was still on earth, how much more then now that she is in Heaven!

3. The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary should not be hard to believe if you believe the Ascension of Christ into Heaven. This solemnity is not an invention of the Catholic Church. From the earliest tines, the Church has always believed and affirmed it. Jesus was received into Heaven in His glorified Body. Mary, His Mother, was received into Heaven in her sinless and incorruptible body. If one disputes the Assumption, he has to dispute the Ascension as well!

4. The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a reminder that all of us are only on this earth for a limited duration. No matter how long one lives on earth, he must eventually go back to his Creator and God. Hence the Gospel Reading ends by telling us that having stayed with her relative Elizabeth for three months, Mary went back to her own home. Our true home is in Heaven. Are we living with the expectation and hope that we shall one day return to our true home which is in Heaven?

5. Mary is the very first creature to be raised from the dead which is only fitting as she was also the first fruit of the Passion and Death of the God-Man. Thus as she inaugurated the redemption of the human race, she also inaugurates the assumption of the human race back to God, and the triumph of the Blessed Virgin Mary over the dragon is a triumph for the whole world.

6. The dragon was waiting to devour the child of the Woman as soon as he was born (brought into the world). Likewise, Satan also keeps vigilant watch at the final hour of each soul as it is about to depart this world. It is then that he seeks souls to snatch. Happy then, are those who are true children of Mary because like the son of the Woman in the First Reading over whom the dragon had no hold, Satan shall have no hold over them in their final moments.¬†Every time we say the words, …’pray for us sinners, now, and at the hour of our death’, in the Hail Mary prayer, let us therefore pay attention to what we are saying because by those words we are asking Mary for the grace of final perseverance.

Finally, the greatest evidence of the Assumption is that there is no evidence against the Assumption! Dig as hard as you can into archaeological archives and history, but there is no bodily relic of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There is equally nothing to be seen in her tomb. If anyone tells you that he or she has seen or possesses the bodily relic of the Blessed Virgin Mary, then the devil needs to take lying lessons from such an individual.

Please remember that feast days of the Blessed Virgin Mary provide us with the opportunity to empty Purgatory since a great number of souls are released from Purgatory on those days. Let us make Mary happy on this solemnity of her Assumption by reuniting her with her suffering children.

Written by Adaeze Emilia Mbakwe

Adaeze Emilia Mbakwe is by the grace of God, a Barrister at Law in the public service and a child of the Holy Catholic Church. Her interests include creating awareness about the Divine Mercy Devotion and encouraging charity towards the poor souls in Purgatory. She is also very passionate about animal welfare and the ethical treatment of animals.

She lives in Anambra State.

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